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Call me a curmudgeonly old man if you must–it certainly wouldn’t be the first time–but I’m beginning to suffer from monthly mystery box fatigue. Like crowdfunding projects before them, subscription box services have gone from being a fun novelty to a ubiquitous cash-in seemingly overnight.

Look, I love toys and t-shirts and stickers and collectible tchotchkes as much as the next guy, but I only have so much room for stuff. If I’m going to receive a box full of curated treats, I’d much prefer it contain something I actually need.

Which brings us to the topic of GeekDad’s newest sponsor, EatsieBox.

Had I been approached to check out just another run-of-the-mill box o’ stuff, I may’ve simply waved it off. But instead the messaging was far more enticing: this place wants to send you food to eat.

I love eating food! I do it, like, every day!

On the surface, that’s the obvious difference between EatsieBox and the competition; instead of steampunk lawn ornaments, Star Wars Christmas lights, or an octopus-themed tracksuit, EatsieBox instead supplies you with quality grub. (Addendum: Who am I kidding?! If your business does, in fact, send out octopus-themed tracksuit, feel free to holler at your boy!)

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Better still, EatsieBox skews toward quality and variety over fad foods and flavorless junk. Each box contains 7-12 items, typically weighing between 1.5 and 3 lbs. And yes, that makes for a significant selection of snacks.

My demo box ran the gamut from recognized products (Charms Boutique Lollipops) to imported eats (England’s own Lion Bar) to beloved specialty brands (Krema Nut Company, Raley’s Confectionary). The big surprise, though, was that my kids and I–picky eaters, one and all–managed to polish off the entire box.

Everyone had their favorites, but I easily picked the Krave Chili Lime beef jerky and Sahale Honey Almond glazed mix as the unabashed winners of the flavor war. That said, I do have to give it up to EatsieBox for also include an Endangered Species panther dark chocolate bar, AKA: the one candy bar I can eat in peace without my kids begging for a bite.

“But, Z,” you say, “I don’t like dark chocolate either!” And you know what? That’s ok; you are wrong, obviously, but it’s ok. EatsieBox lets you easily personalize your snack selection by using the good ol’ thumbs up/thumbs down rating system on your personal preference list. In fact, the entire subscription process couldn’t be easier:

  • Step 1: Click here to see the subscriptions in our store.
  • Step 2: Choose your subscription and add it to your cart.
  • Step 3: Check out with your subscription.
  • Step 4: Follow the link after completing your purchase, or go to My Account, to customize your EatsieBox.
  • Step 5: Wait for your personalized EatsieBox to arrive in the mail!

The base subscription price starts at $23 per month plus shipping, but anything over the 3-month/$68 threshold nets you free shipping to boot. The team at EatsieBox have even offered to sweeten the deal. (I made a pun!) Just use the coupon code EATSIEGEEK at checkout for a cool $10 off any subscription.

And if you’re the kind of GeekParent who likes to try their luck, EatsieBox was nice enough to host a very special GeekDad giveaway. Just use the embed below or follow this helpful link for a chance to win your very own EastieBox for free.

And I think we can all agree, the only thing better than delicious food is delicious free food.

GeekDad EatsieBox Giveaway

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