DC SuperHero Girls Coming to Free Comic Book Day

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President Waller, Wonder Woman and Bumblebee from DC SuperheroGirls, image via DC Entertainment.

When I met the creative team for DC Superhero Girls at New York Comic Con, I knew a great deal of thought had gone into this line, from the dolls to the animated shorts to the upcoming books. I was less certain how it would all work.

So far, my one big complaint is that there’s not enough. While there are nine excellent video shorts set in the Superhero Girls Universe, a live-in high school that’s reminiscent of Sky High, the young reader books, DC Superhero Girls and Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, won’t be until July and March, respectively. And, so far, there’s not a release date on the dolls. (Darn. That means asking for one for a Valentine’s Day present is out.)

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However, come May 7th, on Free Comic Book Day, we’ll see another piece of the universe with the DC Super Hero Girls #1, FCBD Special Edition. Written by Shea Fontana, drawn by Yancey Labat, the special edition features two stories from the upcoming graphic novel, DC Superhero Girls: Final Crisis.

From the book blurb: It’s the day before finals and the student body is hard at work…and nothing is going right! Wonder Woman spars with Cheetah in gym class as Batgirl and Supergirl watch from the sidelines. In the next class, the girls sit next to an empty seat. Where could Supergirl be? Don’t miss this chance to meet the students as they find out that fun, friendship, and hard work are all part of growing up!

The video shorts provide tantalizing glimpses into this universe.

Amanda Waller is the principal and the cast is filled with DC characters of all eras, including people of color, with Bumblebee particularly prominent in the stories and advertising. The villains-to-be are mischevious but not quite villains yet, and the future heroes are not polished yet either.

The biggest surprise: Harley Quinn steals the show. (Perhaps not so much of a surprise given the character.) The best episodes are with Harley and her new roomie, Wonder Woman. Teen Wonder Woman is smart, determined to live up to her potential, nice, and naive about much of her new world. That makes Harley the perfect foil though Harley is rarely ever mean. (Cheetah seems to be the resident mean girl.)

My other favorite short is Ivy’s attempt to pick an after-school club, which takes us on a tour of the many different types of girls in the school (and, guys too). Teen Titans fans will also find Beast Boy and Starfire in the same mode as their animated selves.

I wish this animated universe were a complete show. Guess I’ll have to wait for the comics and novels. Maybe the dolls will be out in the summer and I can ask for one for my birthday.

The DC Superhero Girls action doll collection, image via DC Entertainment.


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  1. My daughters Harley and Ivy can’t wait for this line to come out. And yes, my daughters really are named Harley and Ivy.

  2. Wave One will be on Target shelves in February 28th. The dolls will be exclusive to Target until July, then available everywhere. Many Target’s already have them in inventory, just waiting for the shelve date.

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