Baby McStuffins Is Almost Here!–Adoption in the Spotlight

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Baby McStuffins! Image by DisneyJunior

We’re selective about the media Owen consumes, and very few of the shows we try out graduate to DVR keepers. We recently added Doc McStuffins to our rotation (joining Octonauts, Daniel Tiger, and Curious George, if you were wondering). It’s a great show that features great role models for kids–not only is Doc a strong, multifaceted lead female character, Doc’s Mom is a doctor, and her Dad is a stay-at-home parent.

A great example of the show’s message: in one of our favorite episodes, Doc guides her toys to accept one of her little brother’s monster stuffed animals the way he is, instead of trying to give him a “makeover.” That’s a message we can definitely get behind!

No makeover needed here! Image by DisneyJunior

And, as I’ve written about recently, our family is currently in the process of adopting a baby. Books and media currently available for Owen to learn about adoption are very limited–Kung Fu Panda 3 and the out-of-print book Little Miss Spider are the best we’ve found so far–and often portray a very specific version of adoption that we aren’t pursuing, such as international adoption or closed adoption, or worse, a way of thinking about adoption that’s a bit antiquated.

Given how much Owen loves Doc McStuffins, I’m so excited to write that new episodes coming in March will feature an adoption storyline! The team behind the show seems incredibly motivated to portray adoption in a positive, healthy way, and consulted leading adoption experts to create this arc.

The new episodes premiere each week, beginning on March 4th and continuing through April 1st on Fridays at 8pm EST on the Disney Channel. I know we’ll definitely be setting our DVR to catch these! Will your family?

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5 thoughts on “Baby McStuffins Is Almost Here!–Adoption in the Spotlight

  1. Doesn’t leave the expectant mom a lot of room to decide to parent. I do not encourage this kind of announcement until a final decision is made. I have seen too many kids have their heart broken and too many parents who felt pressure to place because they didn’t want to”let anyone down.”

    1. It seems to me, that your comment was rude and out of line. How exactly are you qualified to, or not to, “encourage this kind of announcement”? I’m curious as to how you got the entire story from what was written, because based on what I read, all I know is that they are in the “process” of an adoption. If your information was from another one of her posts, perhaps your comment is better suited for that particular post.
      It seems as though you, or someone you know, had a poor experience with adoption. That’s too bad, but that’s not the case in every situation. Perhaps comments should be limited to the subject line, as I don’t recall her asking for your approval, acceptance, permission, or opinion, for that matter. Just my take on it.

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