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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 21: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Star Crunch

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We start off strong in 2016 with a little help from More or Les, Helen Arney, and Warp 11. We also take a moment to memorialize the late David Bowie via the work of Atlanta’s dj BC.

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00:44 More Or Les – “Brunch Again” (content warning)
03:37 Talking / Mikal kHill – “the misery between speaking and waiting”
04:10 Adam WarRock – “Kick Punch (kHill Remix)”
06:38 Dj RoboRob – “Enguarde the Dubkong (Dj RoboRob DKC Remix)
10:34 Dethlehem – “Circle of Deth
14:39 Thundering Asteroids! – “Voight-Kampff Test
16:35 I Fight Dragons – “Jimmy and Sally”
23:12 More talking / Mikal kHill – “the misery between speaking and waiting”
24:22 Warp 11 – “The Ballad of Bones 2” (content warning)
27:13 Wordburglar – “Warp Formula (feat. Chokeules, Mega Ran, More or Les, Savilion, Sy-Fi, Timbuktu & Ultra Magnus)
30:28 Seth Phillips – “SQL
34:33 Helen Arney – “Statistically I Love You
36:57 Even more talking / Mikal kHill – “the misery between speaking and waiting”
39:22 dj BC – “Ziggy’s Lullabye (David Bowie vs. Shawn Mullins vs. The Beatles)”

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