6 Awesome New Kickstarter Gadget Projects for the New Year

Gadgets Kickstarter

BASE by Wiivv – Custom, 3D Printed Insoles
This is the kind of “mass customization” that makes 3D printing seem useful. #CES2016

World’s First Programmable Drone: CoDrone
A drone that puts the emphasis on coding. Drone bowling! #CES2016

dokiWatch: The World’s Most Advanced Smartwatch For Kids
A phone-on-a-wrist, for kids who aren’t ready for a full smartphone. #CES2016

CARVER, Sport, Fitness and Fun
One day this crosstrainer smashed through the gym window and just kept going.

3D Printed Paris
Play Haussmann with this latest addition to the Ittyblox building series.

Essemplex 3D Printable Shape Memory Polymer Filament
We don’t totally understand this but the video is pretty cool.

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