Get Ready for the LootCrate Invasion!

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No, it’s not an actual invasion of LootCrate, but the new LootCrate themed “Invasion.” I have only recently become a LootCrate subscriber and I must say, this latest one has made me a fan.

Crate set

First up, I really like the new concept of including a t-shirt in every box. This month’s shirt is an exclusive Threadless design from the X-Files. They have also included an X-Files LED Flashlight with batteries. Of course, this is timely with the new series launch and all.

I am also loving the partnership LootCrate has with Quantum Mechanix! I had the privilege of interviewing the CEO of Quantum Mechanix a few years ago and I was really impressed with what their company was doing with prop replicas. In this month’s box, there is a prop replica of the often referenced “Multi Pass” from The Fifth Element. Now you too can pretend to be Leeloo Dallas and head to Fhloston Paradise for a dream vacation. Quantum Mechanix also sweetens the deal by adding a couple of exclusive 9″ x 6″ art prints from the classic movies The Day the Earth Stood Still and The War of the Worlds.

The box turns into an arcade cabinet!
The box turns into an arcade cabinet!

On the more playful side of the crate, they round it out with a plush Alien Facehugger and a vinyl Space Invaders figure. Both of these are top notch items and have been quickly snatch up by my children. Can’t say I do not mind. It is pretty cool to have my daughter running around with a Facehugger “baby”.

If you are not a subscriber to LootCrate, now is still a good time. Click here for more details. February’s crate is themed “Dead” and contains exclusive items from The Walking Dead and Deadpool including a t-shirt and two figures!

dead crate

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