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My dad is a member of the Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964. He has worked at the same company for forty plus years, and is now retiring. Now that he will be free to explore other interests, he needs a bit of updating to the modern times. His employment provided him a computer and a cell phone, if you want to call them that. The computer was a monochrome Tandy, just to give you an idea of its age and the cell phone predated Cingular as a company.

photo by T. Sims

Next is one of the high points of any young geek’s life, my dad asked for my assistance purchasing a new computer, cell phone, and getting connected to the internet. While we are at it, he also wants to update his home theater (since he will be home more) and purchase any other gadgets that will add to his enjoyment of a life of leisure. What could be more fun than buying cool gadgets and electronics with someone else’s money?! The only rule that he has asked of me, is that it must be simple to use. I will update our GeekDad readers on this “journey,” because maybe you have someone in your life that could use a little upgrading too.

Let’s start off with a neat gadget. The Vizit Digital Frame

One thing that has definitely changed in the past few years has been digital picture frames. They are now relatively inexpensive, can store hundreds of photos and run slideshows 24 hours a day. I wanted to go with the most connected and easy frame I could find, so I picked up a Vizit frame from Isabella products.

Vizit uses the mobile network to offer a convenient wireless experience. Vizit has a SIM card embedded inside the device, just like a cell phone, allowing the frame to have its own identity. Each frame has an email address (ie. SimsFamily@VizitMe.com) which friends and family simply email a photo to, or they can send a picture text message from their cell phone. Photos then arrive within a minute or two on the frame without any action required from the recipient. The photo is also saved in the VizitMe.com personal photo account. From the frame itself, the cellular connection allows messages to be sent from the frame. Therefore, you can use the touchscreen to pick a response to send to the person that sent you the photo, like “Great Pic, Thanks!” which they receive by email. The frame itself also has a card reader and USB port.

Vizit is the first two-way communication device using the mobile network for photo sharing, resulting in a truly interactive experience. Benefits from a cellular connection include an “Out-of-the-box” experience unrivaled by WiFi, Bluetooth, or wired devices.

The Final Word
The Vizit frame is must-have for travelers, large families, and anyone who loves to take pictures and share them. Even if my dad did not have a computer (which he doesn’t right now) he could still share pictures and receive them without any technical help or even internet service. We have had a great time sending photos to his frame for him to enjoy, also other family members from all over can share photos with him anytime.

If you are interested in the Vizit for yourself, click here for VizitMe.com for more information or to purchase.

Disclaimer: No consideration was given for this post. This is just me telling readers about some items that I have found helpful to those who are not as technically inclined as some. Your mileage may vary. All photos we supplied by me.

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