Sprint to World Domination

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Ossur_oscar145high640Ossur_oscar145high640I pity you normals.  Your weak flesh limbs will soon be recognized as inferior.  The deadly gleam of Titanium and the deep black of carbon fiber will be the last things you see as you stumble to a stop, your sprint broken. 

Despite claims that his prostheses provide an unfair  mechanical advantage, the Court of Arbitration for Sport has declared Oscar Pistorius eligible to compete in the Beijing Olympics.  He is still required to qualify, but can now be added to the South African Team. 

I am officially an Oscar fan.  More background on Oscar. Wired Magazine article here.

Although some mechanical advantage may be evident in the sheer power return of the mechanical limbs, I’m curious if any of our readers have a methodology to measure the disadvantages of prosthetics in terms of balance, sensory response or other less obvious elements. 

There’s a potentially interesting treatment of Human Enhancement coming out soon.

image courtesy of ossur.com

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