To the North Pole of Mars, and Beyond!

Geek Culture

Next Sunday, May 25th (probably not an accident, but a great coincidence if so), the Phoenix Mars Polar Lander is set to touch down on the North pole of Mars in this season’s blockbuster: "7 Minutes of Terror!" {cue awe-inspiring music}. At least that is the impression NASA’s jet propulsion lab and the University of Arizona team have given us in this heavily produced, but seriously cool animated video of how the probe will land. I can’t wait for the first pictures.

Phoenix will be digging into the Martian ice for the first glimpse of possible life. Keep up to date with the lander’s blog (of course the team has a blog). If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area, you are cordially invited to the landing celebration. Planetary fun for the whole family! Or, for those of us at home, you will get to experience those "7 minutes of terror" with your geeklets right along with the Phoenix team when the Science Channel broadcasts the landing live on our teevees!

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