Livestream Recap: Building a Free Deck in 'Hearthstone'

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Thank you to everyone who tuned into our latest GeekDad livestream (and my first GeekDad broadcast) on the GeekDad Twitch channel. I hope you had as much fun as I did trying to come up with a somewhat competitive deck using only free cards in Hearthstone. While I wasn’t all that competitive, I blame the player, not the cards. More to the point, I was able to put together a deck that cost nothing and had a good time playing out those hands. You can catch the video below or on the GeekDad YouTube channel.

Before my next scheduled broadcast on Monday, January 25, I have two items that need your response. First, a challenge: using the comments section below, come up with a fun and clever name for the relatively new GeekDad Twitch broadcast group. For example, our television recaps fall under “Same Geek Channel.” Post your most fun, witty, and outrageous (family friendly) suggestions. If your idea is selected, you’ll receive a special shout out on an upcoming livestream broadcast.

Second, we want to know what sorts of games you’d like to see us livestream. Please take a moment to log your response in the following poll. If there is a specific game you would like to see broadcast, let us know in the comments section.

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We’ll be seeing you in-game. You never know… the guy who wrecked your base, won the hand, or healed the group while you took down the boss just might be a GeekDad!

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2 thoughts on “Livestream Recap: Building a Free Deck in 'Hearthstone'

  1. Kerbal Space Program! Especially if you’ve never played it before. Plant a GeekDad flag on the Mun!

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