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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 48: Mary Pope Osborne

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This week on the show, we welcome you back to Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. If you were of a certain age during the 90s and Noughties, then the Magic Tree House books were almost certainly a staple of your childhood.

(I confess to being too old for them at the time, but my kids are obsessed with them now, and I’ve been reading – and loving – the series along with them.)

The epic story of siblings Jack and Annie (and their magical, time-traveling tree house) is a phenomenon in children’s literature that is now 54 books and almost 25 years old…and is still author Mary Pope Osborne’s baby.

Believe it or not, Jack and Annie are still traveling through time, going on adventures, solving mysteries, and learning about different historical places. The newest title in the series (#54, astonishingly) is Balto of the Blue Dawn, and it centers on dogsledding in Alaska.

We’re thrilled to have Mary on the show this week to talk about her career, coming up with fresh ideas more than four dozen books in, lighting the imaginations of generations of readers, the way-cool Magic Tree House Kids’ Adventure Club, and the end of Jack and Annie’s story.

Come on, the Frog Creek woods beckon….

The wind started to blow.

The tree house started to spin.

It spun faster and faster.

Then everything was still.

Absolutely still.


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