Gadget Review: The iBobber by ReelSonar

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Thanks to the very mild winter here in Texas, my scouting troop has been fortunate enough to enjoy a few fishing trips lately. I don’t mention this to make all of our snowed in readers jealous, but to talk about one of my latest gadgets that I have received.
??The iBobber is a Bluetooth connected device that works like a portable fish finder, but can be used at any body of water up 100 feet deep. After downloading the iBobber app and wirelessly connecting to it, it is as easy as tossing it in the water. It uses a protocol known as Bluetooth Smart and this provides a pretty reliable connection of up to 100 feet away.

iBobber_Box_shopping_cartThe iBobber can be attached to a rod and reel and cast into the water. It turns on upon contact with the water, and “sees” fish, water temperature, and depth. To map the contour of the waterbed contour down to 135ft, all you do is tap the app to the Waterbed Mapping screen, tap to begin, reel in the iBobber at a slow rate, tap to stop, and you’ve got a contour of the waterbed.
?I personally have it attached via high tensile strength line and hand toss it from the pier or bank. I still would not toss it anywhere I would not be willing to go in the water to retrieve it. It does have a bottom tie off where one could attach a fishing line and basically still use this as a regular bobber. The neato function of using the iBobber that way, it that it records the strikes on the line and you could continually track the fish traffic under the unit.


The app itself also records temperature and weather conditions and the fisherman can track lures used and catch results. It also has GPS tracking to save those honey holes that you find in the water. ?The iBobber makes fishing almost too easy.

The battery life claims to give up to ten hours of continuous use, but the most I have used mine for was about four. As with any gadget, you mileage may vary. If you have a fishing enthusiast in the family, I would recommend the iBobber as the perfect Valentines gift. Find out more about it here, at; or get your’s here at Amazon.

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