Game of the Week: ‘Loopin’ Chewie’

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Loopin Chewie

We believe that few things are as enjoyable as sitting around the living room floor, playing a game with your family. Each week, in the ‘Game of the Week’ column, GeekDad will suggest a fun, family-friendly game everyone can enjoy while spending time together. Here’s this week’s pick:

Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie Game

Loopin’ Chewie is a 3-player competitive family game starring Chewbacca, the Wookiee co-pilot from Star Wars. Chewie rides a Millenium Falcon model that spins on a swing arm, careening toward each player’s row of stormtrooper tokens. Players use colored paddles to deflect Chewie away from their base, protecting their troopers. If all three of any player’s stormtroopers fall, that player is out. Last player with an active stormtrooper wins!

Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie Game

recommended by: Gerry Tolbert

  • Players: 3
  • Game Length: 10 minutes
  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: 4+
  • GeekDad’s Recommended Age: 3+


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