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Dead Man's Draw

Here’s a quick little Kickstarter alert for you: Mayday Games and Stardock Entertainment have a new, deluxe version of Dead Man’s Draw on Kickstarter now!

In case you’ve never heard of Dead Man’s Draw, you can check out my previous review for how the game works. It’s a press-your-luck game that’s really easy to learn, fun to play, and made my 10 x 10 games list for 2015.

Dead Man's Draw Captain Carcass
Samples of the Captain Carcass cards.

This deluxe version has all-new artwork that I’m really digging, and comes in a metal tin (which I personally don’t care as much about). It looks like it still has a nautical theme (“Captain Carcass”), but is a little less piratey, for what it’s worth. The game still plays the same way though. What I really appreciate, though, is that the character cards have the abilities printed right on the cards. In the original version, the character cards only showed icons, and then you had a reference card with tiny text on it to check what your ability was. This seems so much better.

CaptainCarcass traits
Hey, how about that–trait abilities printed right on the cards!

What’s more, this time around all of the stretch goals that were added during the first campaign (upgraded card quality, reference cards, alternate Mermaid cards, and game variant cards) are already included, so you know right up front everything that’s coming in the game. The only other stretch goal is a playmat add-on.

The game is available for a $20 pledge (retail is expected to be about $25), which I think is totally worth it for the amount of fun you’ll have with it. I already own the first edition, but I’m really tempted by this one because I expect it will resolve the (very few) complaints I had about the original.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information!

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