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New Kickstarter – The Cryos for Oenophiles (aka Wine Geeks)

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I love making things. And when I can’t make things, I like watching other people make stuff. I especially enjoy seeing creations as they evolve and grow over time. I’ve had a few chances here in Atlanta to see some local makers take an idea and turn it into a full-fledged product, and it’s so amazing to look back and ponder the various milestones and drawbacks and breakthroughs as something gets “made.”

Over the last few years, I’ve been very fortunate to have a front-row seat to watch a new product develop here in Atlanta that goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow, January 26, 2016. It’s called the Cryos Wine Chiller, and I guess you could say it’s the perfect product for wine geeks. (I know they’d prefer to be called wine aficionados, connoisseurs, or oenophiles, but wine geek fits here, right?) The Cryos Wine Chiller does one thing — it takes wines and chills them instantly to their recommended temperature. What I didn’t really realize was how long (comparatively) it took to chill using existing accessories on the market.

Cryos Wine Chiller

And that’s how the Maker Movement works — a problem is identified and then some creative people put their heads together to create a solution. I remember when the basic idea was told to me in simple language… and then I saw a photograph of one of the most basic prototypes around of an internal part. I got to see the case develop and see how the initial user interface would operate and then watched as it evolved.

And now the Cryos is ready for funding. I’m not affiliated with the company in any way other than knowing a few key individuals and being lucky enough to watch as the product has developed over time. And, of course, I get to share the news and a link to the Kickstarter for the Cryos, a cool little countertop appliance. If you or someone you know is into wines, this could very well be one great little Kickstarter for you to fund.

Best of luck, Cyros Team! (And thanks for allowing this amateur maker to watch you as you worked and developed and tested — it was fun!)


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