Upgrade Your Apple Watch With the Nomad Strap

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Nomad Strap leather Apple Watch band
Nomad Strap leather watch band replacement for Apple Watch (photo: Brad Moon)

Were you lucky enough to receive an Apple Watch for Christmas? Or maybe you were one of the early adopters. However you ended up with it, there’s a great way to upgrade the look of your smartwatch and give it a uniquely distinctive appearance: the Nomad Strap for Apple Watch.

My Apple Watch Sport came with the green fluoroelastomer band that looked really cool at the time. But that bright band really stands out, calls attention to the Apple Watch for what it is and let’s face it — with Apple’s slim selection of replacement bands, it’s nice to have a customization option that lets you really make the device your own.

That’s the Nomad leather Strap.

Yes, Apple also sells leather bands for its smartwatch, but they are very sleek, refined and polished looking. I want something that looks less clinical and perfect — something with character. The Nomad leather Strap is priced the same as Apple’s Classic Buckle band, but I’d take the Nomad any day of the week.

The Nomad Strap is made of thick Italian leather that wears in as you wear your watch. It darkens and accumulates the occasional scuff. The heavy duty stitching is prominent and the stainless steel buckle is a little over-sized. The general effect is a chunky, rugged look that completely changes the appearance of an Apple Watch.

Nomad Strap has stainless steel hardware
Nomad Strap for Apple Watch, showing the buckle detail (Photo: Brad Moon)

Nomad sent me a review unit and it was a little stiff at first, but as the leather wore in it became soft, supple and molded to my wrist. It’s comfortable and has a reassuring heft to it. The leather also began to take on a nice patina. Think of the overall effect as being like a baseball glove that just gets better the more it’s used. I’ve been wearing the Strap for several months now and people have complemented my watch a number of times without even realizing it was actually a smartwatch.

Switching back to the original band that shipped with my Apple Watch (something I do on occasion if wearing the device specifically for a workout) is a breeze, but I prefer keeping the Nomad Strap on. It makes the Apple Watch look like a classic timepiece instead of a high tech toy and adds a completely new look to the device that you can’t get just by switching to a different watch face.

The Nomad Band is priced at $150 (available from Nomad directly or through Amazon), the hardware is offered in Silver or Black and all 42mm Apple Watch models are supported.

Nomad Strap is available with black hardware
Nomad Strap with black hardware (image copyright: Nomad)

Apple Watch owners might also want to check out Nomad’s Pod charger, reviewed last year by GeekDad Skip Owens.

Disclosure: Nomad provided a Strap for review purposes.

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