Hacking Gamestop for Gift Ideas

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Last weekend my son and I made our monthly trip into Gamestop to see what was new, chat with the employees, and pick up something to play. I use trips like this to find gift ideas without raising any suspicions. As we peruse the selection of games I ask questions about his interest and knowledge of each title and gauge his interest. This trip was rather fruitful and I’ll be stopping back this weekend, sans-kid, to pick up a few games.

This the one place I can be guaranteed to find a last minute gift for the kids. Their selection of games and accessories easily beats the big box stores, and if you play the PowerUp Rewards right you can be sure to get a good deal.

As for this last trip, I did end up buying Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to play and so far we’re loving the game. I also bought the new wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller so I can use it on my gaming PC.

You can find a local Gamestop at their website. If you’re in the US, there should be one near you.

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