Baking for Geeks #4: Freak Bike Gongs

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With only a week until Christmas, here I am with one last great baking recipe hack that’ll get you an amazing treat to serve your guests without too much work.

This treat is something of a spiritual cousin to the Igor Bars from episode #1. In this case, we’re making a sandwich of three amazing treat that, though loved separately, combine to achieve something greater than the sum of the parts.

To be honest, this was also developed on the back of greats. The treat that is the basis for this recipe were first created back in 2011 on a site called The Londoner. They are a pan treat, meaning the layers are built up in a baking dish, and then cut up into squares for eating. They also have a name that’s not quite right for family baking.

So a few nights ago we were prepping treats for a get-together, and we wanted to try the original recipe. But my wife had an idea: we had been pulling our baking equipment down from the cabinet and came across our popover pans (these are like cupcake pans, but each cup is deeper and narrower). She proposed we use the original recipe, but instead of making in a backing pan, we make individual treats in the popover pan. Turns out, this was genius.

As you can see in the gallery above, the actual recipe is pretty simple. You get a tub (or other format) of chocolate chip cookie dough, a bag of Oreos, and a box of brownie mix. In each liberally-Pam’d popover tin (you really could use cupcake tins, too, but they’ll be a little different), put a 1″ ball of cookie dough. Press an Oreo cookie on top of that, and then put a large spoonful of prepared brownie mix on top. When you’ve filled all the tins, cook it in the manner the brownie mix suggests. When done, let cool, and pop them out for a perfect single-serving cookie-cookie-brownie super-treat!

Because the original pan-treat name was a bit off-color, I’ve decided to call these “Truly Now Bites.” It’s an anagram of the original name, so I think it’s kind of fitting, from a baking geek’s point of view. If you try these, let us know in the comments.

And again, special thanks to the folks at Kenmore, who have sponsored this series, and provided the convection-oven used in all the baking!

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