Amazon Trade-in: Get Paid for Your Old Stuff

Reading Time: 3 minutes

AmazonTradeIn-FeaturedWhat do you do with your games, movies, books, and electronics when you’re all done with them? If you’re like me, you don’t like stockpiling them and you want to get rid of them, but you want something good in return. Or maybe you just never found an easy way to get good value for your stuff. Well, look no further than the Amazon Trade-in program.

Amazon will take your tired and hungry, I mean, your old and used stuff and give you Amazon credit for it. If, like me, you buy almost everything on Amazon, this is a great deal! And what better time to trade-in stuff to get better, newer stuff than the holidays–you can use it to do some Christmas shopping or to get rid of those gifts you received but didn’t really like without the guilt of re-gifting.

I use Amazon Trade-in almost exclusively for video games, and they will take in almost any game, game system, or accessory and give you something for it. Obviously, the higher in demand it is, the more value you will get for your trade-in. For example, if, by some miracle, you’ve already completed Fallout 4, you can get $36 for it right now. That’s over 50% of the original value (if you paid full price). I often will buy a game, beat it in a week or so, and trade it in and recover most of my money. With my limited time and the number of awesome games out there, I don’t keep a game once I’m done with it because I know I’ll never play it again and the value will just go down, so I trade it in and use it to buy my next game.

In addition to video games, you can trade-in electronics–computers, tablets, cameras, music players–books, movies, and even music. I recently helped my niece trade-in her old iPhone, and she got the same amount it sells for on eBay without all the hassle.

AmazonTradeIn-StepsAmazon makes trade-ins extremely simple. You go to the trade-in store, find your item, and click trade-in. You’ll be presented with a couple of values based on condition. Once you select the condition of your item, you’ll need to also decide whether you want them to return the item or give you a lower value if they find the item to be of lower condition than you stated. Once you confirm all the details, Amazon gives you a pre-paid shipping label. All you need to do is box it up and send it on its way.

Your credit will usually show up in a week or two. It’s not as fast as bringing a game to your local Gamestop, but it’s much easier, and I’ve found that the values are higher. Plus you can trade-in a lot more than games. I highly recommend going through not only your old games but all your movies and gadgets that you don’t use or want anymore to see how much you can score by trading it in.

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