Commuter Gamer: A Merry ‘Fallout Shelter’ Christmas

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FalloutShelter-ChristmasFallout Shelter has just released their latest update which not only includes a Christmas theme, but some significant changes in gameplay as well.

FalloutShelter-ChristmasDecPrevious holiday themed updates (Halloween and Christmas) brought decorations, music, and a couple of themed outfits, and this update is no different. Cafeterias and Barracks have animated Christmas decoration and Christmas music plays in the background. I have yet to find any new themed equipment, but I’m expecting to find a Santa suit or an elf outfit in the Wasteland somewhere.

FalloutShelter-NewFeaturesUnlike previous holiday updates, this update also brings several major changes–Dweller eviction, bulk item selling, and pets!

FalloutShelter-PetsWhen you first log in from installing the update, you’re treated to your first pet for free. Any Dweller can be equipped with a pet just like equipping a weapon or outfit. Each pet gives a boost to its assigned Dweller.

FalloutShelter-RottieMy Rottweiler, Azor, gives a +66% Health bonus. I assigned him to Scribe Rothchild at my vault entrance to help deal with pesky Deathclaws. Unfortunately, it seems that pets follow the pregnant Dweller and child philosophy of running when enemies show up. I don’t know if my Dweller still got his bonus even though Azor ran away, but I think I’m going to give him to one of my explorers instead to see if I can beat my longest time in the Wasteland record (3 days 2 hours 21 minutes).

FalloutShelter-EvictThe new update also brings the ability to evict a Dweller. Drag a Dweller to the Wasteland and on the equip screen there is a new button (the red Vault gear) that allows you to kick them out. Any gear they have is automatically returned to your storage. Why would you want to get rid of a Dweller? I’m almost always right at capacity (200) in my vault, so I frequently send very unhappy or worthless Dwellers out to die and then don’t revive them, but that takes time. This streamlined the process! This allows for more recruits to come in or for more baby making to happen.

FalloutShelter-SellCommonWhen a Dweller returns from the Wasteland, I usually spend a minute or two selling off all of the junk they’ve brought back with them. Now, with just two taps, I can sell all the common goods and be left with just the good stuff. This will also save me a ton of time and let me waste, er, spend more time training my Dwellers and moving them around from room to room.

FalloutShelter-BulkSaleFinally, the ability to sell a group of items from your storage will also help speed up the de-cluttering process. I tend to leave this until I have more time and when I get to it I have so much junk it takes forever to sell it all. Now it’s just two taps to sell a big pile of equipment.

FalloutShelter-ShopIf you don’t want to wait to earn pets, they can be purchased in the store and are currently heavily discounted–only $19.99 for 40 pets! Mr. Handy and lunchboxes are also on sale right now if you’ve been holding out on picking some of those up as well.

If you’re playing Fallout Shelter, you’re going to get the update anyway, I’m sure. If you’ve grown a little bored of playing, these new features might be enough to bring you back in. I know I’ve been neglecting my vault a bit since Fallout 4 was released, but now I’ve been sucked back in. If you haven’t tried Fallout Shelter yet, what are you waiting for? Download it for either iOS or Android and have a Merry Fallout Shelter Christmas.

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