9 Nifty New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Gadgets Kickstarter

Fleye – Your Personal Flying Robot
A happy little drone with its blades safely enclosed.

Lumu Power – a Light Meter for the Future.
An extra-fast photography tool for the iPhone, from the makers of Lumu.

playDXTR – The World’s Smartest Building Blocks
With magnets, lights, and sensors, so these blocks can talk to an educational app.

Kurv Guitar
Looks kinda like you’re playing air guitar, but you’re making actual music.

Living Ink | Time-lapse Bio-ink
Leave a secret message that shows up days later as the ink… grows.

Membus Tour: creating the world’s first video dictionary
A drive around Europe to collect video clips of native speakers.

Müll – Cubes and More from Recycled Plastic Trash
Plastic bags turned solid, with crazy colors/patterns/layers.

Tail Lights Rider Safety System
LEDs for your horse’s behind.

World Premiere of Ryoichi Kurokawa’s New Commission, Unfold
Sound-and-light exhibit visualizing the birthplaces of stars.

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