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Kickstarter Alert — Bedtime Heroes

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bedtime heroes

If you’re currently in the market for a new tabletop game to share with your kids, I ask that you kindly turn your attention to Kickstarter. It is there that Tap to Win has recently unveiled Bedtime Heroes, a game that wraps up classic dice, card and risk-reward mechanics into a single irresistible package.

Bedtime Heroes challenges players to protect sleeping children from fearsome (but not too fearsome) monsters with the aid of an army of classic toys. Along the way there’s a bidding element used to purchase the toys and some simple dice rolls used in combat, both of which encourage younger players to flex their math and creative problem-solving muscles while still enjoying family fun.

With no crazy earlybird incentives and the full physical game available at the £15/$25 pledge level (with free EU/US shipping), creator Steve Venezia and the Tap to Win team seem content to let the game speak for itself. But if you’re still not convinced, you can download a free print-and-play version and try things out.

Give the video below a look, and then check out the Kickstarter for even more information. If this looks like something you and yours would enjoy, please consider supporting the project.

Review materials provided by: Tap to Win

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  1. Proud to be a backer of this one. It’s a wonderfully cute game that deserves to do very well.

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