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Same Geek Channel, Special Edition: Meet the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

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DC Entertainment’s YouTube channel posted a new video this week that might be of interest to our The Flash and Arrow fans. Over the past few years, we’ve met most of the cast of the upcoming CW program Legends of Tomorrow. In the segment, beginning at 2:28 in the video below, we get our first real chance to meet Falk Hentschel, who takes flight as Hawkman as early as next week’s The Flash/Arrow crossover event.

I understand that the interviews with the cast and producers come primarily from a press event promoting Legends of Tomorrow, which are held to create interest in the show, but I can’t help but feel as though the excitement these key players have for the program¬†is genuine. I am really digging the references the actors and producers make, comparing work on the show to the action figure mash-ups most of the kids I grew up with had on our living room floors and calling this a childhood fantasy come true.

The promotion for Legends of Tomorrow has been a little schizophrenic. At times, it has a live-action Superfriends vibe, sans the A-list DC heroes. Other times it’s felt like they were really playing up the time-travel aspect, playfully focusing us on “Hey, remember Rory from Doctor Who… well, this time he’s the master of the timelines.” Still other promos have been more relationship focused, which I’m hopeful will be the glue that holds all the action pieces together.

I think the reason that the marketing seems to be a bit all over the map is because this show¬†has a lot in common with The Magnificent Seven. We have a group of unique characters with different skill sets coming together for a common cause. It’s hard to pick any one aspect of the show to highlight when there are so many different moving pieces and personalities involved. While I’m sure the characters will eventually settle into their roles on the team, it is encouraging to hear that the various characters will take the lead at different times, depending on the situation encountered in a particular episode.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday, January 21 on The CW.

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