Romeo and/or Juliet

‘Romeo and/or Juliet’ by Ryan North Now Available for Pre-Order


Romeo and/or Juliet

Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North (with additional writing credits by some guy named Shakespeare) is now available for pre-order!

You choose to:

  1. go to Amazon now and place your order.
  2. continue reading because you have no idea who Ryan North is.
  3. skip ahead because you know who Ryan North is but what’s the deal with this “and/or” business?
  4. take a quick detour to look up William Shakespeare.

Ryan North is the creator of Dinosaur Comics, among other things, and is currently writing Squirrel Girl for Marvel Comics.

You think to yourself:

  1. Awesome, I wanna know more about Squirrel Girl! Then you read Stephen Clark’s interview with Ryan North about Squirrel Girl, just posted last week.
  2. Cool! I read that already. (Continue reading.)

Back in 2012, North ran a Kickstarter campaign for a choose-your-own-adventure version of Hamlet. The project was a huge success, raising over half a million dollars and unlocking all manner of crazy stretch goals–on top of sending copies of the books to schools and and libraries, adding full color illustrations, and adding a lot more content to the book itself, there were other things like plush Yorick skulls, a pizza that looks like Hamlet, and Ryan North’s head literally exploding.

  1. Hang on, literally literally? This I gotta see. Be right back.

As mentioned in Stephen’s interview, North has been working on a follow-up to To Be or Not To Be? based on Romeo & Juliet. He announced on Monday to his Kickstarter backers that the book is now available for pre-order. It has even more artists than last time, tons of choices, and is being published by Riverhead (an imprint of Penguin Random House) on June 7, 2016.

You decide to:

  1. Read more details about this amazing upcoming book, including the enormous list of artists involved (including people like Kate Beaton, Randall Munroe, Noelle Stevenson, Jon Klassen, and many, many more).
  2. Pre-order the book already!
  3. Get a copy of To Be or Not To Be? because you missed that the first time around.
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