Reaping the Rewards: ‘Monster ABC’ Board Book

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MonsterABC-MainIn “Reaping the Rewards,” we take a look at a crowdfunded project in its final form. Today’s project is Monster ABC, a fun and beautiful ABC book to teach your kids about monsters and the alphabet.

A couple of months ago, I did a full review of the book, along with an interview with the creative team behind Monster ABC, Kyle and Derek Sullivan, so I’ll focus more on the finished product than a deep dive. You can also listen to my son and I do a full read through on our podcast.

Troll is still my favorite page in the book.

First off, delivery of a finished book in just a few months is spectacular. The Sullivan brothers certainly has their act together and their ducks in a row for when the campaign ended to deliver the book so quickly.

I was immediately struck by how well made the book is. I’m sure we’ve all had board books with flimsy pages that didn’t last very long but the quality of the materials in Monster ABC sets a new bar for board books.

MonsterABC-MacIncluded in our package were three stickers. The Sasquatch sticker immediately went onto my wife’s Mac while the Alien one went onto my son’s desk chair. My son immediately started asking for stickers of other monsters from the book. There aren’t any currently available for sale, but hopefully demand will change that.

MonsterABC-InscriptionWhen I showed my son the book, he flipped out. He loves Monster ABC so much that we long ago wore out some of the printed pages I had originally reviewed and retired the book. I read him the hand written inscription from Derek and Kyle and its now a required part of each reading of the book.

Owen loves the Ogre and does a great stink eye.

Although the book was already a favorite of ours, the final artwork is even more beautiful than I’d hoped for. The colors are vibrant and the monsters really pop off the page. We read the book twice for storytime last night, and my son insisted on keeping the book in his bed when he went to sleep so he could snuggle it. If you didn’t get in on the campaign, do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Monster ABCWe are already planning on giving a copy to a friend for Christmas as well.

You can also visit their site to find more Monster ABC related goodies like shirts, posters, prints, and even coloring pages (just $2.99 for a PDF of all 26 pages and limitless coloring fun!) There are also a couple of other items featuring Derek’s artwork that may be of interest (like the really cool Batman villains poster.)

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