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FortBoards-MainFort Boards are a great new product that allows you and your child to quickly and easily build a fort of any shape and size from traditional forts to submarines, airplanes, and octopuses. Your imagination is the limit!

Contents of one pack–they come in red or yellow. Photo by Will James.

Fort boards are really a life-sized building tool composed of two simple piece types–the boards themselves and the connectors. The boards are all 8″ squares that have snap together hinges on all four sides. By using the connectors, two boards are locked in place flat or at 45, 60, or 90 angles. The possibilities are really endless, especially with multiple packs (each pack contains 44 boards and 46 connectors).

Wood and Metal design cards. Also available in Stone. Photo by Will James.

A fun optional add-on is the design cards. Design cards come in packs of 44 (so you can cover all the boards in a pack) and in three different styles–metal, wood, and stone. These design cards help make your fort look more realistic. And if you want your creation to look like something else, every design card has a white backing that is made to be drawn on. Let your kids go wild designing their own textures for their forts.

The box has a bunch of design ideas on it as well. Photo by Will James.

The package includes some basic instructions to get you started (teaching the basics of how the boards and connectors work) along with a simple house design. For instruction followers, there are more designs available on their site with even more on the way, but go wild and come up with your own creations, take pics, and share them with the hashtag #FortFun!

Building the roof of our fort. These are surpisingly sturdy. Photo by Will James.

Although the age for Fort Boards is five and up, that’s really just for being able to build with them. Your child will need enough strength and coordination to snap things together. However, children of any age will love to play with them if you build things for them. My two-year-old helped as my assistant, handing me pieces as I asked for them, and then proceeded to grab some pillows to bring in to his fort to make it more comfortable. When he woke up the next morning, the first thing he wanted to do was go hang out in his fort, and it was very difficult for me to get him out of it and to daycare!

Owen loves his fort! Photo by Will James.

If you have the space, indoors or out, to build forts with your kids, you will definitely want to get your hands on some Fort Boards.

Note: I received a review sample of this product, but all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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    1. We built a submarine as well (which is still setup in the middle of our living room.) Not only does my son love laying in it and playing with his Star Wars toys, but one of our cats has decided that this is her new house 🙂

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