Who Will Become the Next ‘El Presidente’? (Kickstarter Game Project)

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El Presidente is a hilarious game of scheming and schmoozing now looking for your support on Kickstarter (the creators are sponsoring GeekDad today). You can check out the project here.

In El Preseidente, you play one of six colorful characters seeking the support of the people of the lush tropical island nation known as Savatori. You see, the previous leader of the country is gone (but not forgotten), and someone has to take over. Each character vying to become the next El Presidente has 7 weeks (turns) to gather support (or back-stab their opponents) before the election. It’s what happens during those 7 weeks that’s important (and fun):

Resource  cards are collected by moving around the island and each card either allows you to bolster your own popularity, damage that of your rivals or carry out special actions to take the lead such as stealing agents, blocking others attacks or quickly travelling around the island.


Resources can also be traded in for island coin to allow you purchase island locations for a popularity boost or extend your Limo to let you carry more agents around in your entourage.


Agents can be recruited by travelling around Savatori and give you a variety of bonuses throughout the campaign and during the election, such as allowing you to draw extra cards from certain locations.  Agents can also be collected into family and job sets that add to your final score at the end of the game to tip the edge in your favor.


Island life is never quite that simple, and as you back stab and bully your way into hearts and minds, Savatori will succumb to (at times ridiculous) crisis’ that you and the rest of the council of leaders must resolve if you have any hopes of leading the island at the end of the election!

For a better understanding of the gameplay, check out this video:

If you like what you’re reading and watching, check out the Kickstarter now. The early bird pledge level asks for just $44 for the whole game, including any and all stretch goals that are met. This is a big game that’s bound to generate many hours of enjoyment, so that’s a pretty good price. There are higher pledge levels available that even let you get your face in the game!

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