Cyber Monday Gadget Deal: The eyeSight Singlecue

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Imagine having the same kind of hand gesture controls like in Minority Report for your entertainment center. Kind of like a Xbox One Kinect control, but as your remote control. Well that is exact what eyeSight Technologies looks like they have done with the Singlecue.


Like a high-end programmable remote, it eliminates the need for multiple remotes, apps and wires. Singlecue consolidates the control of home devices into a single, easy-to-use interface. Using hand tracking and gesture recognition technology, Singlecue translates motions into wireless commands that control TVs, cable boxes, smart home thermostats and more. Select items with the flick of a finger, turn on the device by closing and opening the palm, and mute the system by placing a finger to the lips, in a “shush” motion! Through the Singlecue iOS and Android app, setup is quick and easy while still allowing for a high level of customization, including turning on the television, cable box and stereo simultaneously. Best of all there is a special deal for this new tech only on Cyber Monday.

Get 30% off of eyeSight Singlecue’s regular price of $199, by using code: CyberSC46PR
– Cyber Monday only at

Supported devices include: TVs, media streamers (AppleTV, Roku, Xiaomi, Western Digital and Baidu), cable and satellite boxes (DirectTV, Verizon, Time Warner and Comcast), amplifiers, DVD and Blu-Ray players.

I plan on getting one myself and will have a full review after that, so stay tuned!

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