Ten Cheap and Easy Ways to Entertain Kids

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Lifehacker has posted a good list of 10 ways to entertain young children for $1 or less (without the TV). I can personally attest to several of these methods, as our youngest geeklet is extremely fond of bubbles, lawn sprinklers, and large cardboard boxes. (Last weekend’s chore of replacing a broken freezer had a BIG upside for him that is his new cardboard "fort".)

From making paper airlplanes to attending a Home Depot Kids Workshop, this list has some great suggestions for simple and healthy activities for the young and young at heart.

Sick of paying hundreds of dollars for toys your kids don’t play with?
Tired of the latest toy catching your child’s attention and having it turn out to be something you consider offensive (Bratz) or impossible to acquire (break dancing Elmo)?

Never fear. These classic toys and activities can be created with stuff you probably already have lying around your house. Plus, they will entertain your kids for hours and when they are done, you can chuck ’em without feeling bad you spent your Christmas bonus to get them. Plus, studies show a child will remember a toy you both created far longer than a store bought toy.

Here are the top 10 ways to entertain your young child for $1 or less:

1. Large cardboard boxes – Perfect for making houses and small castles. A large cardboard box can entertain an imaginative child for hours. Make sure you are nearby to take pictures and plenty of door knocking. Hint: look for an appliance store in your area. They often have many of the large boxes they are willing to give you as opposed to putting in the trash.

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