Navigation for Toddlers

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Eirik Solheim writes in with a great car navigation hack that helped keep his little ones entertained during their summer holiday. If you have a Nokia phone with a navigation system and video out and a portable DVD player, this would be a piece of cake. Eirik has posted all of the details (with photos) on Entertain your kids with the navigation system:

Our four year old son has been very interested in the navigation
system I am running while we’re out driving. He leans over to follow
it closely and it’s actually great entertainment for a little boy that
sometimes finds it boring to drive for hours…

Because the N95 is equipped with video out it was fairly easy to
enhance the entertainment effect of my navigation system. I simply
connected it to my son’s small DVD screen. Wow! Seven inches of pure
joy for the small ones in the back. Changing view, colors and the
language of the navigation voice keeps them happy.

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