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You’ve probably got a few people on your holiday shopping list who are begging Santa for a copy of Mysterium, Star Wars Armada, or some other hot board game. To cross items off that list, you could bundle up and drive around town, hoping that one of your local game stores has each of them in stock and at decent prices… or you could kick back with a mug of hot cocoa and take it easy while clicking over to our sponsor today:

The price comparison site, which has been around since 2007, has the latest pricing on over 35,000 board games so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal available. After skimming a brief description of the game, along with links to BoardGameGeek (for deeper research), you’re ready to look at purchasing options, which are listed from cheapest to most expensive.

What’s more, also lists whether or not the game is in stock and the shipping costs associated with each store. ( scrutinizes each retailer, so you know you are only dealing with reputable sellers.) It’s all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

In addition to domestic retailers, also includes current eBay listings, so you might be able to find a great deal on a game that’s only been played once or find an old favorite that’s out of print. Additionally, includes a handful of international sites, which is great because it’s sometimes necessary to go outside the U.S. to find some games like, say, Star Wars Carcassonne.

For more common titles, there’s no better choice than As an example, here are the last three games from our “Game of the Week” series, listed with the best prices, pulled from

Ticket to Ride: Europe


Forbidden Island


Five Tribes


As you can see, the prices vary greatly between sites and, if you have several games to buy, it’s nice to be able to purchase them all at the same retailer, which is where the game availability data comes into play. Mousing over the truck shows when shipping costs are waived at each store, usually at a price point for all the games in your shopping cart.

All this information is great, but there’s more than just pricing at Additionally, they offer news and features that’s sure to intrigue everyone from novice gamers to seasoned veterans. These features will help noobs get up to speed with explanations of different types of basic game mechanics, game reviews, upcoming releases, and a lot more. Some of the articles go deep into thoughtful areas, like an examination of how Kickstarter is transforming board games and the best ways to teach board games. has everything you’d want when buying a board game online and it’s definitely a site that you should be visiting before making any future board game purchase.

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