Star Wars Reads Day

‘Star Wars’ Reads Day Today!

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Star Wars Reads Day

This Saturday, October 10th, marks the fourth annual Star Wars Reads Day Celebration! At libraries and bookstores across the country, young padawans and their families are encouraged to read. The massive Star Wars Universe of literature offers a plethora of options to youngsters and their geeky parents!

YodaStar Wars Reads Day was created by Lucasfilm and its publishing partners to celebrate Star Wars and reading. Participants this year include Disney-Lucasfilm Press, Marvel, Abrams, Chronicle, Del Rey, DK, Quirk Books, and Scholastic. Lucasfilm even released a new illustration this year–an adorable little bot that will be featured in the new movie, the BB-8! Because of the newest installment of Star Wars Rebels and the excitement over the new movie, this years’ Star Wars Reads Day should prove to be mind-blowing!

Why is this event so popular? Reading is all around us–everything from text messages to instructions on how to put together our child’s newest toy. Without the ability to read, life would be next to impossible in this high-tech world. We are inundated with words on a daily basis. With the requirements of schools that selects the books for our children, having an event where they can be in the driver’s seat makes it easier for your child to enjoy reading. Reading will never go away, so showing children that reading can be enjoyable is important, particularly at an early age! Reading for pleasure helps children grow their stamina, piques their interest on new topics, and can expose them to issues and emotions they wouldn’t normally try to tackle. Books give them a safe place to learn to deal with life’s hardest lessons.

The growing collection of books from the Star Wars universe and its wide-reaching age range makes this fun event important as well. The Star Wars universe deals with death and life, betrayal and friendship, love and hatred, and so much more! If your young padawan is as passionate about the Star Wars universe as you are, drop what you’re doing this Saturday and READ! We all know the importance of doing things together, but making that quality time an event about reading can leave a very powerful impression on your child–an impression that can positively affect them later on in life.

How can you celebrate this event?BB-8 Try having your child pick out a favorite Star Wars book and share it together, visit an event and make a fun Star Wars craft, or get dressed up and have blaster fights in the living room! If you’re celebrating at home, here is this year’s pack of printables to enjoy with your child!

Star Wars Reads Day combines two of life’s greatest pleasures, Star Wars AND Reading! To find a location near you, check out the official website.

I hope you’ll slap on your blaster, lace up your boots, throw your hair up in buns, pick up a book, and enjoy the day!

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