GeekDad Daily Deals: LED Helicopter Shooters 5-Pack

Daily Deal

LED Helicopter Shooters 5-Pack

Make your own light show with today’s Daily Deal, the LED Helicopter Shooters 5-Pack. We’ve featured these fun outdoor toys before. They’re a hit with kids young and old with their onboard LEDs spinning through the night. They can also be used during the boring old daytime. Click the link above to see details.

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1 thought on “GeekDad Daily Deals: LED Helicopter Shooters 5-Pack

  1. I’m surprised GeekDad is offering this deal again considering I still haven’t received my order when GeekDad offered this deal back in August. When I inquired through channels in mid-October where my order was I was told demand from the previous promotion was so great they were having trouble fulfilling it. So why offer it again when customers haven’t received previous orders from three months ago? Sure, it’s only $7.99, what am I complaining about. I believe it’s fraudulent to a) offer something, accept payment, and not deliver, and b) offer the same deal when previous orders remain unfulfilled. At this point I’m definitely not ordering anything from GeekDad deals again.

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