I Am the Princess and the Pea; I Am the Wolverine

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I was having a horrible night of sleep (again), in pain, and woke up trying to locate the sea urchin that must have been shoved in my bed. I sat up and found the source of my agony: a wrinkle. One wrinkle in the sheet. Just one.

I stared at it and my exhausted brain cursed, “I am the $#@$ing ‘Princess and the Pea’.” A true princess is so sensitive that twenty mattresses cannot keep her from feeling a single pea underneath them all. It really sucks to be a true princess. Can I be a hardy peasant instead? Alas, I have to keep my royal pedigree to rule my vast lands.

If only hyper-sensitivity came with riches and servants. Instead, I get the migraines and sleepless nights without any seeming benefit. But my geeky-themed mind likes to twist my fate to the fantastical. Maybe the “Princess and Pea” was based on an actual princess who was sensitive like me? Spinning her bad physical luck into a badge of honor: Royalty is more perceptive than the average populace. Don’t try to pull anything on that princess because she can detect a tiny vegetable under her bedding!

The world is a lot to handle for the average person, but what about those with super senses? The last time I had a migraine, I sat quietly and had a thought that this is what Wolverine must feel like: hyper-smells, hyper-hearing… Except I don’t have claws to rip something up in frustration. I felt empathy for the poor guy, and was gratified to know my pain would eventually fade, while Wolverine continues to suffer. It’s no wonder he is in a bad mood all the time- he has a constant headache. Oh, the angst!

Does using my geeky imagination help me deal with my physical problems? Actually, yes. Although I hope to figure out how to alleviate my pain, being sensitive is an all-around deal. Yes, the princess needed the softest mattresses to sleep, but her status was secure because of it. Wolverine’s super-senses hurt, but they help him save the world. For me, being sensitive means I am more aware of my surroundings, more empathetic to everyone in a bad mood (“they probably don’t feel good” is my go-to thought), and some day, when I rule the world, I will need all my superpowers!

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