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Review: Life With the Belkin PowerHouse Charging Dock Duo

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Belkin DockI’ve been living with the Belkin PowerHouse Charging Dock Duo for about a month now. In that amount of time, it has become such a part of my daily routine that I’ve come to take it for granted. For an accessory, I can think of no higher honor.

The PowerHouse isn’t striking in any particular way. It’s a matte grey metal, designed to fit an iPhone and an iPad on two consecutive Lightning chargers, allowing you to charge both devices off one accessory and a single outlet plug. I’ve been keeping mine beside my bed, where I typically charge my phone at night, and it has been perfect. Because it keeps the phone vertical, it’s convenient to view when I want to check the time or screen a call that’s coming in way too early.

The only frustration I have with the PowerHouse is that the Lightning connectors, designed to tilt backward to allow the phone to lean against the divider, can sometimes be tricky to line up to the port. If I had the accessory in a better-lit room or wasn’t regularly trying to plug the phone in when I’m already tired, it might not be a problem. As it is, I occasionally have to spend a minute or two trying to get the phone attached.

Sitting at around $80 on Amazon, the Belkin Powerhouse Charging Dock Duo is a convenient accessory for people with multiple iOS devices. It’s attractive enough for use in any part of the house and will allow you to save those precious Apple charging cables for other uses.

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