Review: Lassig Tender Messenger Diaper Bag for Dads

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Photo provided by Lassig.

I think every dad has been there–carrying a flowery diaper bag around that’s been packed by his partner and not at all organized the way he would have and so nothing can be found. The Lassig Tender Messenger Diaper Bag promises to change all that.

I’m not really one to care about “looking manly” because I’m carrying a flowery bag around (and if you are keep reading anyway). What I do have a hard time with is the four different bags my wife likes to alternate between and her way of organizing their contents. Not all the bags have the same things and, to me, none of them are organized logically. So when the good folks at Lassig asked if I wanted to check out one of their dad diaper bags, I jumped at the chance. A bag all my own, organized around the way my brain works, is a dream. The fact that it isn’t flowery or bright orange or purse-like is just an added bonus.

The Tender Messenger Bag looks and feels like real leather. Photo by Will James.

The Tender Messenger Bag is, as the name implies, a messenger-style bag, It looks like leather but is made from 100% polyester. Honestly, if I didn’t know it was fake, it looks and feels so much like real leather that I’d never have considered this bag. (I’m vegan and don’t buy things that are real leather.) The only giveaway is the smell of the polyester, which reminded me of bicycle inner tubes. Although the smell was strong when I first opened the box, after a couple of days of using the bag the smell has almost entirely faded.

Holy carrying capacity, Batman. Photo by Will James.

So other than just looking way cooler than our existing stock of diaper bags, what’s so special about the Tender Messenger Bag? This bag has more pouches and ways to organize and carry your gear than Batman’s utility belt! There is a big front pocket with a magnetic snap flap–good for holding papers and the like– then a large pocket with a zipper pocket, two velcro pouches, two pen/pencil holders, and three mesh pockets.

Next up is an anti-microbial waterproof zipper pouch for wet or dirty things you want to keep isolated and a removable, zippered, insulated drink carrier. The drink carrier easily fit a 20 oz water bottle and will carry whatever drink you or your little one needs. Then there is another large pocket with three solid pockets. The nice thing about these pockets is that they snap in to the bag so can be easily removed to either make more room or to clean them out–these would be ideal for carrying an assortment of snacks.Two more small pockets, one which contains a diaper changing pad round out this pocket. The final pocket is a large slim pocket with a velcro closure for storing your tablet or a small laptop.

Clip it on. Clip it off. Photo by Will James.

Still not enough for you? The other two really nice features are the removable, velcro stroller straps, and the detachable key ring. Being able to easily attach the bag to the stroller without having to take up the precious stroller cargo space is very nice. Always knowing exactly where my keys are while being able to easily get them in and out of the bag is the cherry on top.

The only real con I have about the Lassig Tender Messenger Bag is that, especially loaded up, it’s a lot bigger than a messenger bag I’d normally use; however, considering I can use just this bag and not also have to carry a diaper bag, even this negative becomes a positive. If you’ve been wanting your own diaper bag that can do double duty as your everyday bag, look no further.

You can grab the Lassig Tender Messenger Bag direct or you can pick one up on Amazon.

Note: I received a unit for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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