Plum's Creaturizer App promo

‘Plum’s Creaturizer’: a New and Free Photo App for Kids

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Plum's Creaturizer App promo
Plum’s Creaturizer App. Credit:WGBH

Kids, crazy creatures, and cameras! What better alliterative combination can there be for getting our next generation of scientists excited about the outside world?

You’ll find a free app at iTunes and at Google Play that aims to do just that: Plum’s Creaturizer.

Creaturizer App images: Credit: WGBH
Creaturizer App image. Credit: WGBH

Hot of the presses, and hot on the heels of WGBH’s award-winning Photo Hunt app, comes a photobomb extravaganza. With a press here, a twist there, and a pinch or two, kids can make any of over a billion different fanciful creatures then take photo missions that challenge them to consider each creature’s adaptations. Kids can place these critters in their backyard, kitchen, or set them in the palm of their hand and collect them in an in-app gallery.

Want a creature with peacock feathers, squid ink defenses, giant jaws, and spider legs? You got it! How about something with long yak fur, bat wings, and one of those lights that deep sea fish have for luring unsuspecting prey? No problem!

Creaturizer App image. Credit: WGBH
Creaturizer App image. Credit: WGBH

What’s more, it’s available via iTunes and Google Play right now from WGBH and PBS KIDS: no-one has to wait nine months for it. (Zing!)

And they can let their imaginations go wild.

Full disclosure: Melissa Carlson and I produced this awesome app with our equally awesome team at WGBH. The team included Kit Buckley, Louise Flannery, Dan Nolan, Tara Taylor, Frank LeClair, Deb Frank, and fearless Plum Landing leader, Marisa Wolsky. Creature designs are by Rick Pinchera

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