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Kickstarter Alert: “Night of Ashes,” ‘Pathfinder’ Live Theater

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Night of Ashes Title

The “Night of Ashes” Kickstarter is the epitome of fan fiction: a theatrical prequel to the currently releasing Pathfinder adventure path, Hell’s Rebels. In Hell’s Rebels the players must join a rebellion to help put down an oppressive regime.

“Night of Ashes” takes place during the events immediately preceding In Hell’s Bright Shadow, the first adventure in Hell’s Rebels. The show centers on a young Hellknight who is conflicted between her commitment to the Law and her commitment to her City. When Grand Inquisitor Thrune orders her companion killed and an entire Opera Company arrested alongside a young Baron, she is forced to keep the actors from further harm and lead them to safety. The survival of this small band intermingle with the machinations of the arch villain of the Adventure Path.

Maralictor (Cam Fuller)
Maralictor played by Cam Fuller. Image from Night of Ashes Kickstarter.

Pledgers have the opportunity to see the show live in Portland, Oregon November 27-29, 2015. If you can’t make the live show though, for just $10 you can get the digital download of the performance or for $25 you can get the DVD.

The pledges are earmarked for the creation of the DVD as the show is already well underway.

Your support will allow us to create a professional recording of “Night of Ashes” so that there is a permanent archive of this official part of Pathfinder history. Once the DVD costs are covered, we will beef up the special effects, create some monstrous costuming and puppet effects and provide a lovely soundtrack.

This is Company of Warriors’ third Pathfinder related production having performed “The Black Mask of Absalom” in 2011 and “Burnt Offerings”┬áin 2009.

Burnt Offerings Performance.
Company of Warriors’ 2009 production of “Burnt Offerings,” the first chapter in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing. Image from Night of Ashes Kickstarter.

Check out the “Night of Ashes” Kickstarter. There are just a couple of days left. They are already funded, but if you’re a Pathfinder or fantasy fan, $10 for a live performance by people that clearly love the genre is a great deal.

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