GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Willful Padawans

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This week we visit the Jedi Academy. Remember, email your solution by 10:00 p.m. EST Thursday to be part of the random selection of correct answers and win a $50 gift code to ThinkGeek!
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The Jedi Academy has begun training five new younglings: Aon, Box, Cud, Dex, and Ed. Their first task as new padawan learners is to decide who is to begin exclusive training in light-saber, record keeping, force choking, mental manipulation, and meditation.

Naturally, they all had very strong opinions about this. Empathetic Aon was convinced that whoever was to learn record keeping, it should not be Ed. Cud was very keen to learn force choking, but Ed thought that Dex was the most suitable for this training. Box hoped that Aon would be the one to learn meditation and expressed a strong disinclination for himself to learn mental manipulation. Dex happily recommended Box for light saber training.

After the assignments had been made, Master Yoda was interested to see that the hopes and recommendations of the force choking trainee and meditation initiate had not in fact been fulfilled, but that those of light saber learner and record keeping student had.

Who had which training assignment?

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