Get the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote on Sale Today

Engineering Television

I own this remote. It is a central feature of our home entertainment setup. If you’re the audio/video geek in your house, and you’ve tried everything to instruct people as to how you just have to turn the tuner to input 3, the TV to HDMI 2, and the XBOX power on to play a game, and yet people still have to come to you to get things right, then the Harmony Ultimate is perfect for you. Combined with the web-based configuration software, the Harmony Ultimate lets you program every possible setup for your entertainment system, so that people can just hit one button on the luscious touch screen to get exactly the activity they want. Set it once, and done! It’s certainly not cheap, but the deal on Amazon today puts the price in the not-crazy-expensive zone of $199. If you’ve spent much of your life turning on the entertainment system for the people in your house, this may be a small price to pay for piece of mind.

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