Game of the Week: ‘7 Wonders’

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7 Wonders

We believe that few things are as enjoyable as sitting around the living room floor, playing a game with your family. Each week, in the “Game of the Week” column, GeekDad will suggest a fun, family-friendly game everyone can enjoy while spending time with each other. Here’s this week’s pick:

7 Wonders

7 Wonders is a card drafting game. Players are dealt a hand of seven cards. Simultaneously, each player picks one card and passes the remaining cards to the next player around the table. The kept card can be played on the table, creating resources, victory points, or other benefits that remain throughout the game. Alternatively, the card can be sold for money, or used to construct a stage of the player’s wonder. Once the cards have all been chosen, the process is repeated for two more ages, each with new cards.

Because of the simultaneous play, games remain the same length (around 30 minutes) irrespective of the number of players, a good game length for my kids. It has become a family after-dinner favorite, with my eight- and ten-year-olds picking up the rules pretty quickly. It’s also a game that grows strategically the more you play it: at first, you only select cards that help you gain victory points. As you gain experience, you start selecting cards to deny your opponent advantage. It’s no “wonder” the game is so popular!

7 Wonders

recommended by: Michael LeSauvage

  • Players: 3-7
  • Game Length: 30 minutes


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