5x Video and 5x Tabletop: New Games on Kickstarter This Week

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c5360a9216b4a8e607e1a864631b9a9b_originalHouse of Many Doors — an exploration RPG
The House is “a vast parasite dimension that steals from other worlds.”

Life in Bunker
Dig deep. No sleep.

Lightbender: a puzzle game
Lenses, mirrors, and dark matter, oh my.

A Wizard’s Lizard 2
The lizard is back, this time clearing his wizard master’s house of curses.

We Need a Hero (A Classic Point & Click Adventure)
What if a plumber aspires to greater things? What if I eat pizza with mayonnaise?


Mech Deck
Little mech figures get blasted apart over the course of the game.

Last 52 Meeples on Earth
The meeples have to flee the planet before the zombies get them.

The Networks: A Tabletop Strategy Game for 1-5 TV Executives
Surely you know what it takes to make a hit TV show.

The Cloud Dungeon: DIY Paper Craft RPG Game
Cut, fold, and color this book to create your own unique adventure.

Just 12 heroes trying to save the world from the forces of chaos…

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