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New Release: ‘President Snakes’ by The Doubleclicks

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President Snakes

The latest album from The Doubleclicks, President Snakes, is set to release on Tuesday, August 11. In case you don’t already know, The Doubleclicks are Angela and Aubrey Webber, two sisters from Portland, Oregon, who make wonderfully geeky music with fun videos on YouTube.

They funded their album via a Kickstarter campaign, and the album is actually delivering earlier than the estimated date (though there are still various other physical rewards that are coming later). Many of the songs on this album have been released online as part of their Patreon project but have now been polished up for the CD.

Here’s the whole track list:

  1. Tiny Paper Elephant
  2. Cats At Parties
  3. Really Big Chickens
  4. President Snakes (Part 1)
  5. The Middle
  6. This Is My Jam
  7. Happy Holidays, Too
  8. Bad Memories
  9. President Snakes (Part 2)
  10. Now I Am The Fastest
  11. Why Can’t Every City Be Portland?
  12. Coming Home To You
  13. Thank God It’s Over

This particular album feels a bit more poignant than some of their others: it’s about growing up, sometimes being disappointed or disillusioned, and working at what you love. But it has its funny moments, too: “Now I Am The Fastest” is about a turtle after the apocalypse, and the title tracks (yes, there are two) are about five snakes in a pantsuit running for president. And, to continue the tradition of including winter-appropriate songs on their summer-release albums, there’s “Happy Holidays, Too.”

Fans of The Doubleclicks won’t be disappointed. Bonus: this one’s safe for kiddos, too–no swearing, though “Bad Memories” is about some of the harder parts of growing up. You can pre-order the album through Bandcamp if you missed the Kickstarter campaign. (Backers should be receiving their digital albums on Monday.)

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