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Journal App Bridges Between Real and Digital


Most all creative people use some kind of sketchbooks, notepads, or journal to record the day-to-day: our strongest ideas, greatest inspirations, personal thoughts, places we’ve been and (hopefully) all the incredible things we will create. The problem with digital sketchbooks is that while they are slowly turning everyone into digital artists, there is still something missing in their equation. “Most creative processes are anything but linear, and rarely isolated. Creatives, and designers in particular, need a free flowing workspace that is open to whatever media the world has to offer, more often than not, a mixed media.” says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Creator, “What if you want the freedom to combine the treasure-trove of photos, images, hand sketches, and drawings you are capturing everyday into one ultimate platform?”

'Journal' App from Morpholio
‘Journal’ App from Morpholio
Image Credit: Morpholio

Today, Morpholio introduces Journal, an application for iOS (sorry Android) that redefines the sketchbook as a mixing chamber where your photos can inspire drawings and your drawings can inspire thoughts. Now, designers, artists, writers, or members of any creative culture can write, draw, sketch, collage, paint, or color on anything, anywhere, with a sketchbook of infinite possibility at their fingertips.

Journal Unleashes 5 Super Tools:

  1. Sketch on anything, anywhere.
    Journal allows you to sketch and write on any media. Not everyone wants to start with a blank canvas and now you don’t have to. Design over an image, get creative with a photo, or make backgrounds of any type. You can sketch on top of any surface, and the sketch will literally move, twist and scale with the image it’s on. Draw on everything to build the ultimate archive of inspirations, ideas, and encounters, allowing the long memory of the computer to augment the short memory of the individual.

    Sketch with the 'Journal' App
    Sketch with the ‘Journal’ App
    Javier Galindo, a 2015 Rome Prize Recipient,
    Image Credit: Morpholio
  2. “Ludicrous speed”: Rapid Fire Viewing
    The ultra responsive design relies on research into the human eye’s amazing capacity to rapidly assess high-bandwidth visual information. We now collect and store more information than ever before and require new ways to get through it–faster and smarter–while not missing what we need. Clearly the scroll is not the answer. In Journal you can soar through your infinite number of sketches, images, notes, photos, and thoughts with the touch of a finger. This groundbreaking approach to viewing yields an ultra fast, highly optimized page-turn interface making your entire book accessible to discovery and review within seconds.
  3. Designware: The Designers’ Set of Essential Pens, Pencils and Color Palettes
    Journal includes eight pens, brushes and pencils including chisel markers, charcoal, and other rendering tools capable of sheer digital magic. With unique line types per tool, they are carefully calibrated, not just for artists, but for designers who need to sketch in fine detail and diagram with precision. Sixteen color palettes, created by award wining graphic designers at New York’s MTWTF bring polish to your artwork by putting expert color theory at your fingertips. A perfect arsenal of pixel ink for true creatives.
  4. Collage Madness
    Not sure how what to do with the 1000 photos you haven’t posted? Collage, a tool of invention for many creative cultures, has been used to re-mix any number of visual media to promote new ways of seeing. Finally, a sophisticated drawing and painting platform opens up to the art of sampling, creating a collage tool that allows you to layer your everyday findings and thoughts in one place. Build mixed media artwork or layouts, photo albums, mood boards, material boards, scrapbooks, or rich archives of your discoveries, ideas and creations.

    Collage with the 'Journal' App
    Collage with the ‘Journal’ App
    Paul Stallan, Design Director at Stallan-Brand,
    Image Credit: Morpholio
  5. Super Notes
    Sporadic thoughts or moments of inspiration happen daily. Organizing and noting are essential to any form of journaling. Morpholio incorporates sophisticated technology to make writing easy and legible, allowing it to remain an integral part of thinking with your hands. Add notes anywhere on or off a page and write anything from paragraphs to simple tabs to mark your place. Morpholio has also curated calendar, notebook, grid and task list templates to help organize your life.

Never lose an idea again.

“Journal is an infinite sketchbook that goes with you and grows with you. Its speed at jumping between pages is important. It’s about reviewing and remembering as much drawing and documenting. Its unbounded number of pages and ludicrous speed will make enjoying all of your sketchbooks a daily pleasure,” says Mark Collins, Morpholio Co-Creator. Whether you sketch daily or occasionally, inspiration strikes us all at unexpected moments. Its unique book interface affords instant and easy navigation of thousands of pages, unlocking infinite potential. Finally, you can keep track of everything you encounter, and find new ways to visualize, test, and explore the world around you.

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