John Lasseter Studio Collection: Hawaiian Shirts Ahoy!

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This past weekend was the biennial D23 Expo held in Anaheim, CA. A lot happened. A lot of cool news was revealed and announced. A lot of merch was bought (and sold on eBay). A lot of people killed a lot of time standing in line.

For those who didn’t want to brave the hours-long lines to buy merch or get into panels, though, the show floor had a number of really cool exhibits.

Today, I’m bringing you an up-close look at a LOT of loud Hawaiian shirts. The John Lasseter Studio Collection occupied a bit of floor space opposite the Pixar booth. The exhibit showcased Lasseter’s line of custom-designed, movie-themed Hawaiian shirts.

Most people know that Hawaiian shirts are Lasseter’s signature look. However, many don’t realize that every movie he produces or directs gets a custom design. The tradition dates back to 1999’s Toy Story 2 and continues to this day.

Without further ado, here’s a closer look at each of the shirts. (Click for a closer view.)

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6 thoughts on “John Lasseter Studio Collection: Hawaiian Shirts Ahoy!

  1. I have three of the shirts pictured, and would like to have them all (I particularly like the last one as it is an unusual base color). Like Mr. Lasseter, I wear a Hawaiian shirt virtually every day. I have several other Disney Hawaiian shirts, some of which are also Reyn Spooner designs, and many others that are non-Disney (probably around 40 total). I only wish they would release them commercially in greater numbers; they turn up on eBay but typically for three or four times the price they are offered in the parks (which is already high enough they are non-impulse buys.

  2. While a lot of Mr. Lasseter’s Hawaiian shirts look cool, you have to question what exactly makes them Hawaiian shirts, is it the button-up shirt pattern they used (same patterns used in Kahala’s and Wave Shoppe’s shirting), or simply because Reyn Spooner made them?

    1. I just found these and would love to get one for my husband. Please tell me how I would go about ordering one of these…

      1. Your best bet is probably ebay…but prepare to pay between $100-$400, depending on what shirts are available.

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