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Better Late Than Never? My Gen Con 2015 Photo Recap

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Right after Gen Con this year, I left for a two-week family reunion. It was a blast, but remind me not to plan anything so close to Gen Con in the future. I didn’t even have time to host a game night before leaving, so most of those games from Suitcase Tetris are still waiting to be played. So although I did already mention some of my favorite things about Gen Con 2015, here’s a closer look at all the other things that didn’t quite fit there.

You could definitely tell there were more people at Gen Con this year. The line for Will Call badges started early on Wednesday, and even by 11pm Wednesday evening the line still stretched down the hall. Fortunately, it was a pretty fast-moving line. The crowds at the exhibit hall on Thursday morning were also impressive, as you can see below.

Gen Con crowds
The crowds of people eager to get into the exhibit hall on opening day. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Gen Con Crowds
Even more people than last year. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The gaming halls in the convention center start filling up even before the exhibit halls open. A lot of tables were filled with RPG events as I passed through on my way to the exhibit hall, and plenty of others were setting up games for demos. In previous years, there were more tables for open gaming throughout the day, but it felt like this year nearly all the tables were reserved for official events during daytime hours.

RPG gaming halls
RPG players filled up tables early with scheduled events. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Star Wars Chess
There was a huge section with Star Wars-related games, including these chess sets. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Hoth Battle
Do you call them “miniatures” when they’re this big? Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Mayfair’s section had their giant versions of Settlers of Catan and Star Trek Catan. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Miniatures setup
Setting up for miniatures games. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

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  1. Great write up, looks like it was fun. What’s the deal with the Star Wars Holochess? It that something this is going to be released.

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