Because of XKCD, We Present You With #SynonymMovies



Yesterday, Randall Munro posted the above image at XKCD. It made me laugh, in that “I like puns and wordplay” kind of GeekDad way, and so I posted it to the GeekDad’s Slack app. As such things are wont to do, it caused some jocularity to ensure. And so here are a number of GeekDad’s own Synonym Movie titles, for your amusement. Please feel free to add your alternates or other ideas in the comments!

Methods of Wyrm Education

Metamorphosized Post Pubescent Reptilian Martial Artists

Furry Craftsman and the Magician’s Rock
Furry Craftsman and the Room of Untold Information
Furry Craftsman and the Incarcerated Uncle
Furry Craftsman and the Incendiary Wine Glass
Furry Craftsman and the Firebird Club
Furry Craftsman and the Son of One Royal Parent
Furry Craftsman and the Morbid Sacred Thing, Part I
Furry Craftsman and the Morbid Sacred Thing, Part II

Unfeasible Undertaking
Unfeasible Undertaking II
Unfeasible Undertaking III
Unfeasible Undertaking: Specter Etiquette
Unfeasible Undertaking: Illicit Society

Mandible Dos
Mandible with Additional Proportion and Depth
Mandible: The Animus

Domestic Fortune
Domestic Fortune: Tome of Private Information
Domestic Fortune for the third Damn Time

Chiroptera Homonid Commences
The Atramentous Banneret
The Atramentous Banneret Ascents

Difficult Death
Second Difficult Death
Difficult Death with Reprisal
Alive and Liberated or a Difficult Death
An Excellent 24 Hour Period to a Difficult Death

The Startlingly Large Individual
USA Officer: The Initial Social Justice Warrior
Ferrous Hominid
Norse God
Norse God: The Unlit Planet
Protectors of the Milky Way
Social Justice Warriors
Social Justice Warriors: Time Period of the Bad Robot
Coming Soon: “Panthera Pardus,” “The Non-Hominids,” and “Odd Medical Professional”

The Quick and the Angry
Quick Second Angry
The Quick and the Angry: Japanese Capital Meander
Quick & Angry
Fifth Quick
Sixth Quick & Angry
Seventh Angry

Superstitious Calendar Date
Second Superstitious Calendar Date
Third Superstitious Calendar Date with Roman Numerals
Superstitious Calendar Date: End of the Book
Superstitious Calendar Date: We Were Kidding About It Ending
Superstitious Calendar Date: The Bad Guy’s Still Alive
Superstitious Calendar Date: Fresh Hemoglobin
Superstitious Calendar Date: The Bad Guy in the Big Apple
Superstitious Calendar Date: The Last End of the Workweek
Bad Guy Roman Numeral Ten
Bad Guy Fights The Bad Guy From the Other Movies
Superstitious Calendar Date

Noncitizen Cubed
Noncitizen Revived
Noncitizen vs Hunter
Noncitizen vs Hunter: Dirge

Five Fortnights of Global Circumnavigation
69,000 Miles of Subaquatic Adventure
The Account of a Couple of Towns
Considerable Anticipation
Small Females
Unhappy French People
Passerine Murder

Wonderland Misplaced

Self-Satisfaction and Bigotry

Astral Expedition: The Gesture Image
Astral Expedition: The Acrimony of Convention
Astral Expedition: The Investigation for a Famous Pediatrician
Astral Expedition: The Excursion Domicile

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1 thought on “Because of XKCD, We Present You With #SynonymMovies

  1. I think a lot of us were doing this yesterday. I hit a lot of the same ones you did above, but also:

    Cistern Canines
    Mush Mythology
    Jacquelina Castaño
    Waste William
    Extinction Exempt
    Ignoble Illegitimates
    Manumitted Mr. Freeman
    Obnoxious Octet (coming soon!)

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