Armchair Travel With Lonely Planet Kids’ ‘Adventures Around the Globe’

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Image: Lonely Planet
Image: Lonely Planet

Exposure to other cultures, languages, geography, and ways of life is vital for our kids to learn that they aren’t alone in this world. They inhabit our planet along with billions of others, most of whom don’t share a common language, diet, or sense of fashion. Lonely Planet Kids continues to put out enjoyable books for kids to broaden their horizons.

Whether your kids enjoy traveling, or just love learning about other parts of the world, they will linger, perusing Adventures Around the Globe, coming out on September 1. This activity book has plenty of stickers, activities, and maps to keep both travelers and those at home happy. Visiting every continent (including Antarctica), kids will arrange and rearrange stickers on special shiny scene pages, color Maori masks and Hawaiian shirts, and play games (answers are included in the back) and learn facts. The back flap even has a 3-D globe that kids can punch out and glue or tape together.

This book is quite the hands-on activity guide to the world. It will entertain your kids in the car, at home on a rainy day, or as a take-along activity anywhere. Or use it while you homeschool as a starting point for younger kids to learn about different countries and regions. Go here for a preview. It’s aimed at kids age 3 and up, but I think it would be useful at least through elementary school, or even beyond.

Adventures Around the Globe comes out on September 1. Check it out, along with Lonely Planet’s other travel books including travel guides, picture books, and many more books for kids. Feed your children’s hunger for knowledge by expanding their world, which also helps to make the whole world feel a bit smaller and more in reach.

Note: I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

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