Kickstarter Alert: Heirloom-Grade Keyboard

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A keyboard rules my day. I work as a software engineer and spend my off-hours writing, so the majority of my time is spent pecking away at keys. When I saw this Kickstarter project come up via Boing Boing, I got excited.

This is a geek’s dream keyboard. Custom-crafted from a solid block of wood, high-quality mechanical keys, and programmable LEDs are just the beginning. Venture further in, and you find the keys are laid out ergonomically to help reduce strain during long typing sessions, custom-sculpted keycaps to guide your fingers to their places on the board, and the ability to shape the keyboard to your environment (standard type, split keyboard, tri-pod style, or tented).

The $309 price tag is pretty steep, though you are getting a well engineered, heirloom-quality piece for your desk. The Kickstarter runs until July 15th and is already fully funded, so there is no risk to contribute. If you are in Portland, OR, or San Francisco, you still have a chance to try the keyboard out in person! Check the Kickstarter page for details.

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