Forget the Cronut: Enter the Donut Cannoli

The donut cannoli from my local Stew Leonards.  photo by Corrina Lawson
The donut cannoli from my local Stew Leonards. Photo by Corrina Lawson

Yes, I’ve tried the cronut, the croissant/donut mash-up. It’s okay. But this? I couldn’t resist the combination of a donut with cannoli filling at my local Stew Leonards. It was $4.99 for the two-pack but my curiosity got the best of my wallet and I brought them home.

Result: YUM.

It helps that the filling is light and rich, the perfect cannoli filling, rather than being thick and gummy like some I’ve tried. I’m eating them one small piece at a time because I’m pretty sure eating a whole one all at once will harden my arteries.

Here’s a problem? What do I call it? A donolli? A Conut?

Any suggestions, readers?

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